The admission process for graduate programs at both business and academic institutions typically requires achieving a satisfactory GRE score, which is administered by ETS. However, it’s important to note that ETS will only conduct the GRE selection procedure in 2023. Business schools that accept GRE scores independently administer their own selection processes, giving them the flexibility to establish criteria and rules for the GRE selection procedure in 2023.

The GRE, or Graduate Record Examination, is a standardized test taken by prospective international university students seeking admission to postgraduate degrees. Administered by ETS, the GRE assesses a student’s readiness for graduate-level coursework through its verbal, mathematical, critical thinking, and analytical writing sections.

Before applying to a business school based on GRE scores, candidates should confirm whether the institution accepts the GRE General Test. Most business schools worldwide consider GRE General test scores for MBA programs, and several also accept them for specialist master’s and PhD business programs.

Preparation for the GRE 2023 test involves studying the GRE curriculum and understanding the exam style. Identifying strengths and weaknesses in different subject areas is crucial for creating an effective preparation plan tailored to specific graduate school applications.

The GRE selection process involves five main steps: registration, preparation, test-taking, score reporting, and the application process. During registration, students choose a test date and venue on the official ETS website. Preparation includes reviewing content, practicing with sample questions, and developing a test-taking strategy. The test is taken, and scores are reported on a scale of 0-6 for analytical writing and 130-170 for verbal and quantitative sections.

After receiving their scores, students can send them to up to four graduate programs for free, with additional score reports available for a fee. The final step is the graduate program application process, where students research, select, and submit applications to desired programs along with GRE results, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other required documents.

In conclusion, the GRE plays a crucial role in the graduate school application process, involving registration, preparation, test-taking, score reporting, and application to graduate programs. Success on the GRE enhances the chances of admission to the selected program, making effective preparation essential.

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